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James Walt Visits Ensenada, Mexico - Araxi Chef Conjures Up Coastal Cuisine at Seafood and Wine Fest

07 de Abril de 2015

Por TopTable Group

Whistler, B.C. (April 7th, 2015) – Executive chef James Walt of Whistler’s Araxi Restaurant and Oyster Bar is taking his culinary talent on tour in 2015. Next weekend – April 10th–12th – he will be participating in the <a href=></a> Festival de las Conchas y el Vino in Ensenada, on the Baja coast of Mexico. The annual seafood and wine festival attracts many international visitors, especially from <a href=></a> Southern California, located two hours north.

“Much like Whistler, Ensenada is rapidly making its mark on the food and wine industry, and I’m honoured to be invited to participate as a guest at their annual festival,” states Walt. Baja’s thriving food scene has been strengthened in the past five years by its burgeoning wine industry. Wineries now pepper the peninsula, with many clustered near Ensenada in the Valle de Guadalupe wine trail, and are drawing increasing attention from aficionados.

Friday will see Chef Walt shopping for local ingredients at the market and visiting with fish merchants at the docks. On Saturday evening he will be creating a menu comprised entirely of local fare for a dinner at Ensenada’s famed seafood-centric Restaurante Manzanilla. Owned by chefs Solange Muris and Benito Molina, Manzanilla is rated in ‘Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants’. Chef Walt will wrap up the festival with a cooking demonstration on Sunday afternoon.

Gastronomes can follow Chef Walt’s travels and cooking demonstration in Ensenada on social media using the hashtag #ChefWaltOnTour. Guests from around the world can participate in real time and ask questions while he shops and cooks through Twitter’s new live-streaming video application, Periscope.


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